Internet and the truth about information- the real information has secret paths

| In Articles | 14th May 2023

Internet, unlike 20-30 years ago, can be accessed very easy from a variety of devices and the information is literally at our hand these days with the use of the smartphones.

If at the beginning of internet existence, the information about anything found on it was more realistic, but at a much reduced volume (the purpose of the internet being at that times to share the information and nothing more really was intended), in the present times the situation changed soo much and nothing that in on the internet can be trusted for real.

Why the information from the internet can't be trusted for real?

Because in our days the internet is manipulated by businesses and it was transformed in a huge machinery to make money.

Many years ago information was added on the internet for the simple reason of being easily accessed by anyone who needs it or as a result of a passion or for the purpose of promoting a personal business, but now, most of the content will promote a product or a service of a third party company (usually a big one) that will pay a small amount of money to the person who wrote that information/article. It is easy to understand that whoever before wrote something from pleasure, today will do it for money and any personal unaltered opinion about a product will be shaped to convince the reader.

These programs named Affiliate or Associate, will bring an income to anyone that is talking on the internet about a product, most of the time, but also about a service or a company (in any type of format as: writing, video, audio). Now, here is something that you probably don't know about, but you are affected by this.

Only good words/intentions and a good/positive presentation are selling

If the author of an article has the intention of making money from one of the above programs, any information that will be published and made available on the internet by that author must be presented with good intention in relation to that product.

The article must convince the reader that the researched product is a very good choice, and provide a shortcut to the third party company website (most of the time an online shop) that is selling it, stating that it is at a very good price.

If the reader buys the product or even if is only clicking on the affiliate link, some money get into the pocket of the author.

Talking in a negative way about a product, which many times can be the truth about that product (as a bad characteristic or functional problems) will never sell that product, and even if a review is presenting a truth information, it can be considered these days as a anti-marketing strategy and might not be even properly indexed by search engines. Especially if we consider the possibility that Google and Amazon (as example) can have a very strong business partnership and together implemented strategies, plus future plans.

Information that it talking in a negative way about a product or a service is not promoted by Google and as a matter of fact, try to search on the internet for negative things like "How not to lose weight", or "Trimmer without batteries" and see what you will find. You might really want to find information about how not to lose weight but you will find that is not easy to find it.

This article will make you understand more about how Google is returning the result for a search you made and how the search engine can't understand things from a context.

How to get the information that you can trust

A good way to get real opinions and important information that have no intention of selling something it is by reading the comments left by people that used that product on YouTube videos that presents a product, or by reading the reviews section of one or multiple big online shops, like Amazon or Ebay. Be prepared to spend many hours reading and filtering (in the mind) to get the right information.

Learn how to filters the information

I am saying above that people have no intention of making an income when they leave comments on a video or a product page, but this is not always true.

You need to learn how to filter the information from those comments.

If it is a long comment and is talking only about good things it is most likely promoting the product for money and it should not be trusted.

Many companies these days will give discounts or even products for free to get good reviews and comments about a product they sell. Facebook has a lot of groups where you can get many products for free in the exchange of a good review.

On the other hand if is a short comment like "After 2 months it stopped working" or even if is a positive one like "2 years later is still working" it is very possible that it was written by a person that really used that product.

Anything like "Don't buy is a SCAM" can be nothing but an anti-marketing campaign of a company that is selling a similar product.