The virus-businessconspiracy and the vaccine

| In Articles - Business | 10th November 2020

I recently heard on the radio that we might have a vaccine for coronavirus even before Christmas 2020. In that news, a few pharmaceutical companies have been mentioned as having a promising solution for the virus who killed so many people on the globe over this year.

While listening, an entire movie script got born into my head.

Even if most of the things related to the origin of coronavirus can't be proved, we still have the capability to presume and believe how and where this virus was created.

The virus

As many other people told me from what they believe, I also think that coronavirus didn't create itself without human intervention and science knowledge.

Covid-19 was created in a laboratory and launched among us from a place that can be China-Wuhan or any other place or maybe even multiple places, in the world. The assumption that the virus was wide-spread by specific immune people who intentionally touched the door handles from public institutions and public transport handle bars is something very credible.

When most of the countries in the world had to deal with infections generated by this unknown virus, they couldn't know if the affected people really had contact with somebody who was in Wuhan or if they have been themselves in China.

I think nobody can certainly prove the location where this virus was placed among people. We can only suppose, based on where people were first affected by an unknown virus with the symptoms we already know or had symptoms in an unknown combination, capable to cause death for the ones with a weaker imune system.

On the radio, an official of a well known pharmaceutical company (I will not mention the name) was saying with confidence that they have very good, promising results for the coronavirus vaccine they develop and there are big chances that it can be used on the population before Christmas 2020.

They can produce a huge number of vaccines in weeks and they will first be used on medical personnel (which are most exposed to the risk of contacting the virus) and people from other vulnerable categories.

After all I've heard, I came up with the next possible scenario

A smart virus like SARS-COV 2, generally known as the coronavirus, can only be created by people who work with viruses day by day. As far as I can tell nobody else does that more than people working in a pharmaceutical laboratory.

They know exactly what can be treated with what and in what measure. A pharmaceutical company will also know that a solution for a virus can only be provided by a drug laboratory and when this will exist, every country will depend on the licence and credibility this company will have for its vaccine. There are a lot of money at stake.

It is important to remember that every single country from this planet has very strong connections with pharmaceutical companies.

The importance of people's health is considered above any other needs of a country and for this reason, the Covid-19 seems to be a successful plan with a precise target.

The strategy involving this virus was from the beginning to scare people, and because for global corporations a big number of deaths doesn't really matter, the result can only be the desired one.

Governments do not necessarily care about people health.

A Government will always care more about the economic side of a country than the health even if the health is always discussed as being the most important.

"Tell people what they want to hear"

People's health matter but not because somebody cares about us. It matters because without healthy people, a country will have no economy. Nobody will be capable to work and produce money for its country.

On the other hand, weak people do not bring too much money to the economy, and more likely are a big cost for any country with lifetime compensated treatments and services. Plus, the medical system was never optimised enough to avoid long queues and long waiting lists because it was no real interes to send enough money to this sector. In the end this seems to be a win-win situation for Governments and pharmaceutical companies.

Most of the people know that a very big percentage of any countries budget goes into the Health System, system in direct relation with pharmaceutical companies.

Now, this virus didn't affect the stronger ones among us, but it gave the impression that it can affect anybody. Mass media struggled to find across the world cases of healthy young people killed by Covid-19 but they hardly found a few to be convincing.

If we feel that hospitals lied about the cause of death of so many people, pretending it was Covid-19, we can now judge that they had strong reasons to do that, being constrained (directly or indirectly) by deals done in the past with OR by the need of pharmaceutical companies.

The vaccine

For this vaccine to be credible, people really had to believe it will save us from something bad and a big number of deaths was needed for that.

The hope of a vaccine is coming after almost a year of economic regression and this sacrifice was needed.

Why was it needed?

When the vaccine will be available, Governments will have to pay huge amounts of money to make it available in their countries for the entire population.

Giving the vaccine to the people, the spread will be stopped and the economy will be able to recover.

I consider that this vaccine was already there before the worldwide spread of the virus, but it was kept secret to make everyone think that the vaccine is really needed to stop the economy regression and save lives and every country from the world will do all it takes to buy this vaccine.

Is important to know that if this vaccine will be delayed for too long, people will learn to live with the virus which can also lose its strength in time. This virus does not have the capacity to reproduce itself.

Governments will refuse to start new lockdowns with very strict rules, to protect economy, as it is happening with this second national lockdown in United Kingdom, in November, that does not compare with the severity of the one that happened in March.

This being said, I think we should have more hope that this nightmare, treated by many as being a biological terrorist attack, will end soon. If a country's economy is dead, that country will struggle to pay for a vaccine.

As with any business strategy, this can fail or succeed, but I am quite sure that this virus-vaccine plan is made to succeed and everything will end soon but with consequences for the population and a win-win situation for Governments and pharmaceutical companies.