Overtaking on the highways -can it be faked and still be legal?

| In Articles - Driving | 1st May 2022

As this article can be visible for drivers in countries where driving is on the left or right, overtaking to left or right will be replaced with overtaking from inside (a faster speed lane) or from outside (a slower speed lane).

Overtaking a car can be done only on a lane that, by definition, is a faster lane.

They are lots of rules, articles, based on low, but some of them can be tricked. Can this be legal?

Do not overtake on the left or move to a lane on your left to overtake. ... In these conditions you may keep up with the traffic in your lane even if this means passing traffic in the lane to your right. Do not weave in and out of lanes to overtake.

UK Highway Code
Rule 268, states

How to do an overtake on the wrong side but be legal

Some people are desperate while driving, to be in front of the next car. To be behind somebody else is unacceptable and they have a single target, to overtake the next and the next car. It doesn't matter how, if is safe or legal.

Driving on the public roads is not a contest, it is not a rally and you should wait for the rest of the drivers and other traffic participants to move before moving. Roads must be a safe place, and this is the only way to make them safe. They should help us go from one point to another without putting anybody in danger.

With all that, I saw people many times, overtaking on the left, being in UK, or on the right on European countries where driving is on the right hand side.

A case of tricking an illegal overtake is something I've seen today. I was driving on a busy highway, and the speed of all cars was bellow 10 miles/h. Approaching an entrance from a different direction, a driver behind me decided to change the first lane with the lane from the entry as it was not very busy. He changed the lanes right where the 2 lanes were merging and he used all the spaces provided by the ending lane to overtake 5 to 10 cars.

As these 2 lanes were not separated by a continuous line, changing lanes, in this move was probably legal.

For anybody who didn't realize from where this car was coming, he was fine to go as far as he could in the front and merge with the traffic as drivers coming on the highway have the moral obligation to let incoming cars get into the first lane.

So, this car was fine, with the only exception that the driver used an entry as an exit and got back on the first lane, on front of some more cars.

This is the case when that driver did a bad move and didn't earn any more time in his journey, as probably many of you know, that he had many chances that 1 mile later, to be left from different reasons behind all the overtaken cars.

His move was not dangerous, but left a bad taste to all the other people left behind.

On the street our mood, problems and capabilities to do things (as having a better car than the one in front of us) should not change the way of being polite, wait for each of us turn and respect the rules.

An another illegal way that people use to overtake on the highway is to use an outside lane without to attract attention.

This is safe and does not disturb anybody if is not close to an exit to block or put in danger a driver that wants to exit. With all of that is still illegal but hard to prove.

Drivers will do that many times, without problems as it is not a straight away overtaking.

This is the situation when a car, the only car from the outside lane, want to overtake a car from the middle lane (alone or not) that have no intention to change lanes, that is going slow, but not slow enough to worth go on the fastest lane and overtake and return on the first lane.

If this is the case, then just go slowly slowly in the same line with that car. Stay there for a few second and after that, go slowly faster. (but not faster than the low allows on that part of the road). In this way a lot of movements and effort will be replaced with a more safe move.