Human body skin and its functions

IMPORTANCE OF SKIN The skin is the largest body organ. It is essential for thermoregulation, prevention of fluid loss by evaporation, barrier against infection and protection against the environme [...]

Data protection

Who is responsible Data Protection is a responsibility of everyone to protect personal data of any individual part of a company or any other form of legal entity. Data Protection rules do not prot [...]

Why to avoid being employed under an Umbrella Company

In most of the cases working under an Umbrella Company means to work through an Agency that will send you to work for a specific company, on their name. The salary will be paid through an Account [...]

How much somebody sight can be affected by the new displays technology when working full day for years on a computer

If you are thinking that your sight can be affected by the new generation monitors you are wrong. The preconception people have based on old experienced with the first monitors generations, is false. [...]