Overtaking on the highways – by getting into the end of a joining lane?

As this article can be visible for drivers in countries where driving is on the left or right, overtaking to left or right will be replaced with overtaking from inside (a faster speed lane) or from o [...]

Human Trafficking – a violation of human rights

What is Human Trafficking? Human trafficking constitutes a serious violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, its main goal being exploiting and having profit after it, in a forced  [...]

Unsafe services from national companies

Nothing to trust this days. Is all marketing and a run for money.National services who suppose to be most trusted, disappoint customers and you don't usually see this because all the problems other p [...]

Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the right to be ground buried or cremated

They are in discussions government's plans for mandatory cremation if the reason of death is coronavirus but for the moment this do not apply. According to the current legislation, a dead bod [...]

The right to remain silent

“You have the right to remain silent, or Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law ” The phrase with "the right to remain silent", made so popu [...]

A drivers guide for when they have passengers in child seats

If you are a parent and you drive, or you simply have to take children in your car, you must follow a few safety steps before and after you put any children into a child seat. For a child, no  [...]

How and how not to use a phone while driving

Using a phone while driving is prohibited by law, but most drivers still use it and they can fall into the next categories. Drivers that hold the phone to the ear One of the most dangerous  [...]

The virus-business conspiracy and the vaccine

I recently heard on the radio that we might have a vaccine for coronavirus even before Christmas 2020. In that news, a few pharmaceutical companies have been mentioned as having a promising solution  [...]

Human body skin and its functions

IMPORTANCE OF SKIN The skin is the largest body organ. It is essential for thermoregulation, prevention of fluid loss by evaporation, barrier against infection and protection against the environme [...]

Data protection

Who is responsible Data Protection is a responsibility of everyone to protect personal data of any individual part of a company or any other form of legal entity. Data Protection rules do not prot [...]